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Step 3 Handout layouts

The selected layout determines the type of handout created. There are two types of layouts to select from:

  • Custom layout: You select the orientation and size of the handout page in this step and then you define the number of slides per row and per column along with the margins and order of slide position to create a handout in the order your want in the next step. This layout is ideally suited for a matrix style representation in a handout.

  • Defined layout: a layout definition gives you complete control over each slide represented in the handout. You can decide on the formatting, position, dimensions of each slide in the handout on a page. You can introduce other shapes/graphics while using this option to create consistent corporate handouts. HOW requires that you specify a Layout Definition Template while using this layout option. Once you specify the LDT to be used, HOW will pickup all information pertaining to the handout from the template itself.


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