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Step 2: Slide selection and output file.

You can create handouts from:

  • a selection of slides in slide sorter view

  • a range of slides from which the handout has to be create and in the order in which the slides should appear. A comma(,) is used to delimit slide numbers while a hyphen(-) is used to signify a range.
    e.g. if you set the range as 10,6,8,2-5 then the thumbnails on the handout will appear exactly in that order .i.e. 10,6,8,2,3,4,5

  • all the slides.

  • slides from a selected custom show.

Output file options: This decides the quality of the slide thumbnail images. Medium and higher quality should only be used when you are not satisfied with the output or print output from the optimum quality setting.

  • Optimum quality, this is the ideal settings, the thumbnail generated is exactly what is required. It is also the setting at which you will get the smallest handout file size.

  • Medium quality

  • Higher quality

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