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What can the Handout Wizard do?

  • HOW creates handouts from all slides in the presentation, a slide selection, slide range or from slides in a custom show.

  • HOW creates a handout which is a presentation file which can be edited just as any other presentation.

  • HOW creates thumbnails of Optimum quality (smallest file size), medium and higher quality (preferred for high quality print outputs but largest file size of handout).

  • HOW lets you control the position/font attributes while numbering the thumbnails.

  • HOW supports B/W thumbnails, hiding background graphics from master while creating the thumbnails.

  • HOW lets you define the number of slides per row/per column, order, margins, gap, border, alignment in a custom layout. HOW will auto fit the slide thumbnails based on your options.

  • HOW lets you create your own layouts for the handout to maintain consistency in formatting and appearance.

  • Creating a layout definition template is easy since it is just another presentation.

  • HOW supports multiple page layouts within a single handout.

  • HOW supports Named settings introduced in IIW. You can store all choices in a session and assign it to a descriptive name which can be loaded at the start of each session to avoid filling in choices for the wizard.

  • HOW creates handouts with text from the notes page, without the loss of notes text formatting.



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