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Multi-layout Definition Template

HOW can create a handout with multiple layouts, to use this feature you need to make use of a multi-layout definition template (MLDT). A multi-layout definition template is a LDT with more that one slide. Each slide represents a page layout to which the handout will map onto.

e.g. If a multi-layout definition template has 2 slides in it. The first page of the handout will follow the layout of the first slide of the MLDT, the second page follows the second slide of the MLDT, the third page will follow the first slide of the MLDT, the fourth page will follow the second slide of the MLDT and so on.

A sample MLDT is included in the setup file. To make use of it, select the defined layout option in the wizard and locate the file - 'MLDT Sample.ppt'. It is located in the subfolder 'Layout Templates' of the folder in which the HOW add-in is installed.

Open the sample MLDT just as you would open a presentation and study it's creation. It consists of 2 slides. The first slide has 3 image placeholders  on it, while the 2nd slide has 2 image placeholders on it.


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