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Named Settings

HOW prompts for several options like slide range, output thumbnail quality, numbering, layout to be used etc, while creating a handout. These are often options which are repetitive in nature during each handout created. You might want to save a given set of options to be loaded whenever you create a handout for a given company. It's possible to create a distinct set of options and give it is a name. This collection is called a named setting. These named setting can be loaded. Whenever a named setting is loaded the values store in that collection are automatically loaded into the wizard. This improves your productivity.


Scenario: You always wish to use a A4 page size in portrait  orientation with a custom layout of 4 slide per row and 2 per column arranged over and then down. But sometimes you wish to create a A4 page size landscape orientation with 2 slide per row and 4 per column and arrange them down and then over on the page.

Problem: Ensuring that each time the right options are selected leads to a lot of waste of time and resources.

Solution: Create 2 named settings. One each for each of the situations listed above.

How does one create a named setting?
1. Select Tools | HandOut Wizard | Launch HandOut Wizard.
2. Select all the desired options ine the wizard.
3. On the summary page, at the end. You will be prompted to optionally save settings.
4. Click on 'Save settings...', in the input box type a descriptive name.
5. Click on OK.
6. That's it. You have created your named setting.

The next time you launch the wizard this name will be listed in the named setting list, if you select it, all the options that you selected during that session will be automatically loaded for your to reuse without having to cross check to ensure consistency.



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