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Secure Pack offers twin security modes - High & Medium. It is recommended to use HIGH security mode if you presentation does not contain links to external program & web sites. In high security, the triggering of an external link terminates the show. It is also recommended to avoid using external programs since they may compromise the security of the Secure Pack show depending on the nature of the program.


Metadata also known as document properties within presentations can be cleared out too.

You can enforce the show is always run from the CD-ROM. When this choice is selected, the user has to run the show from a CD-ROM only. He cannot run the show by running it from a local hard disk.

Enforce executable integrity check to prevent hacks. Note: Performing integrity check increase the load time marginally.

  • No check: Just verify the Secure Pack Information Block (The Directory).

  • Basic: Verify Secure Pack runtime (guards against somebody changing the basic runtime executable itself and disabling certain features).

  • Full check - Verify Packed files (guards against changing of packed files as well as partial downloads).

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