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System Requirements

  • User (Authoring) system: A valid Microsoft PowerPoint installation (Version 97 & above)

Secure Pack Features

  • Pack one or multiple presentations into a SINGLE protected executable archive.

  • Run the packed show with a single click (double click) of the mouse.

  • Embed Include the Microsoft PowerPoint viewer in the packed show to create STANDALONE executables.

  • You can control whether to use PowerPoint on the target system if present or to enforce the usage of the viewer.

  • Supported on Windows 95/98/98SE/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista

  • Include all linked files files in the archive. All cross linkages across packed presentations are resolved.

  • Contents of the archive are protected.

  • Password protect the archive to give access for viewing/editing.

  • True type fonts can be embedded.

  • Set a limit on the number of times the show should run.

  • Expire the show after a certain date.

  • Compress the contents of the packed show.

  • Auto install on first run - creates program group/shortcuts for viewing/extracting files for editing on first run.

  • Auto uninstall on last run (if view show limit is set) - deletes all created program group/short cuts.

  • Link files error correction while packing, Secure Pack will attempt to locate the file at the location specified by link source, parent folder and the hyperlink base.

  • Long file names retained while packing and unpacking the archive

  • Clears personal information from the packed presentations.

  • Twin security (high & medium) modes to run the show in.

  • All files retained in their native format which can be extracted for editing.

  • In multiple presentation archive you can set which show to run.

  • The single executable can be distributed on a CD-ROM.

  • Creates AUTORUN.INF to be copied to the root folder of CD-ROM if it is being distributed on a CD-ROM.



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