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Download Section

Download the trial version of Secure Pack Version. The trial version will function for 20 days.

The Secure Pack shows created from the trial version will:

  • Trial Edition shows splash screens.

  • Edit password isn't supported.

  • Packed show runs 5 times then opens up for extraction.

  • Execute from CD only isn't supported.

  • If you have set a date expiry then the show always expire in 3 days from day it was packed.

  • After expiry of the presentation at a specified date, the presentation is available in edit mode.


The Secure Pack archives created from the retail version:

  • Will not display the Secure Pack splash screen at the beginning.

  • Will honor the run count set.

  • The password set by the user will be honored.

  • Smaller packed show file size.

  • Honor the date expiration set by user.

Click here to download

Installation instructions

  • Ensure that earlier version of Secure Pack version is uninstalled before you use install version 3.0

  • Download the Secure Pack installation file .

  • Run the setup and install the Secure Pack add-in into the desired program folder.

  • Launch PowerPoint.

  • Select Tools | Secure Pack |Secure Pack Wizard to launch the Wizard.

If you don't see the Secure Pack menu. Load the add-in manually with the following steps.

  • After executing the above steps.

  • Select Tools | Add-ins, click on 'Add new...'

  • Browse to the location of the add-in (SecPack.ppa) , select it and click on OK.

  • The Secure Pack add-in will be listed in the Add-ins window.

  • If the add-in is listed, you can skip this step. If it is not listed then check the macro settings, if set to a security level - HIGH, this would prevent any unsigned add-in from being loaded. To resolve this...

    1. Select
    Tools | Macros | Security on the security level tab, check MEDIUM.
    2. Click on OK
    3. Now load the Secure Pack Add-in as per the instructions.
    4. Once the add-in has been loaded you can set the Security level back to

  • Close the Add-ins window.

  • Select Tools | Secure Pack |Secure Pack Wizard to launch the Wizard.

In case of any further problem, please send an email to Secure Pack support stating the problem and we shall resolve it at the earliest.

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