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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I tried to load the add-in but I do not see it listed in my Add-ins window. What am I doing wrong?

If you cannot load an add-in in PPT2000/2002/2003. Then check the macro settings (Tools | Macros | Security), if set to a security level - HIGH, this would prevent any unsigned add-in from being loaded. To resolve this...
1. Select Tools | Macros | Security on the security level tab, check MEDIUM.
2. Click on OK
3. Now load the add-in as per the instructions.
4. Once the add-in has been loaded you can set the Security level back to HIGH



What are named settings?

Settings are the user defined choices viz. the components to be exported, the search filters, the folder to search in, the file naming convention, the image formats and resolutions to exported etc. Each set of choice constitutes a named setting. It can be saved / edited / invoked for repetitive use without having to define the choices again.