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OLE Objects/charts saved in older versions appearing flipped/inverted in PowerPoint 2002 or later.



Embedded/Linked OLE shapes may appear flipped, if created in earlier versions of PowerPoint ( Prior to 2000-SR-1), when opened in PowerPoint XP or later.


Using PowerPoint version prior to 2000-SR-1, if an OLE Shape is selected with another native PowerPoint autoshape and then flipped using the Rotate or Flip options, the autoshape gets flipped and the OLE shape remains in it's original state. However the bit of the OLE shape is set to flip. This bit is ignored in Pre XP versions. When this presentation is saved  and then reopened in PowerPoint XP, the OLE shape will be flipped. Unlike pictures, this OLE shape cannot be flipped back into the rightful state in XP.

How to reproduce
1. Create a new presentation using in PowerPoint 97.
2. Insert an OLE object.
3. Draw an AutoShape on the shape
4. Select the OLE shape and the autoshape.
5. Select Draw | Rotate or Flip | Flip Vertical
6. Save this presentation.
7. Open this presentation in PowerPoint XP, the OLE shape image will be

1. Open the presentation in earlier version of PowerPoint.
2. Un-flip/un-invert the OLE shapes
3. Save the presentation.
4. Open it in PowerPoint 2002 or later.

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