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Welcome to the Image Importer Wizard home page. Microsoft PowerPoint provides support for importing several image formats into the presentations. But the procedure can be cumbersome and tiring when one has several images to insert. Solution - let Image Importer Wizard do it for you in a spur of a moment. Image Importer offers the ability to create completely customizable layouts and more.

When I first released IIW I did not anticipate such an overwhelmingly positive response. With increasing popularity and registrations it is only fair that I release the next version of IIW with features which many of you have written in and requested. 

Check out the several features it offers, read the FAQ, take a tour of the simple, feature filled, wizard like interface it offers, download a trial version and when you are indeed satisfied with the performance - BUY IT!

A license for IIW version costs US$ 40.00.


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IIW news:

  • Image Importer Wizard version 3.5 released.

  • Purchase a license today and get a lifetime of  upgrades free

Top Tips:

  • Check out the new placeholder codes available. Click here

  • If you save your preferred setting as 'Default', it will be automatically loaded every time you launch the wizard. Click here to learn more.

  • Create you own layout for the image and save it as a Defined layout for IIW. Learn more about Defined layouts in the IIW FAQ or view the Flash tutorial included in the installation.


    If you are looking for an image importer on a Macintosh, please follow this link to Jim Gordon's add-in for Mac platforms. Note that this add-in might have different functionality from IIW. I am unable to provide a Macintosh version currently.

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