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LiveWeb - insert and view web pages real-time.

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Use LiveWeb to insert web pages into a PowerPoint slide and refresh the pages real-time during slide show. Display web pages without ever leaving the confines of your PowerPoint slide show. No coding required.  LiveWeb works with documents off your local drive too. You can specify relative paths. LiveWeb will also look for files in the presentation folder if the files have local drive information and cannot be located at the location specified by the user during slideshow. LiveWeb encapsulates the need to insert a web browser control manually and write code to update the web pages within the control during the slide show. It consists of two components.
1. Wizard component - Create a list of web sites which you wish to add to the slides.
2. Real-time update component - Automatically refreshes the page every time you visit the slide which contains the web browser control.

With LiveWeb you can display acrobat documents (PDF) , java applets, VRML etc within the slide show real-time. Please visit: LiveWeb FAQ

New in version 4.0 for PPT 2007 and later

- Set the zoom level on the browser page.

- Scripting error suppression.

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Version Supported

PowerPoint 97  or later.


PowerPoint 97-2003 users: Click here (zip) or here (setup)
PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013/2016 (32bit/64-bit) users : Click here  

Install Instructions for 2007 and later users

1. Extract the setup file from the zip.

2. Run the installer and install LiveWeb.

3. Launch PowerPoint and select the Insert tab to view the menu items.

Installation Instructions for  97-2003 users) :

1. Extract the contents of the zip to a folder.

2. Launch PowerPoint.

3. Click on Tools | Add-ins to bring up the add-ins window.

4. Click on Add to bring up the 'Add New PowerPoint Add-in' dialog box.

5. Navigate to the folder where the contents of the zip file was extracted and select 'LiveWeb.ppa' and click on OK.

6. You might be prompted with the macro virus warning. Enable the macros. When the Add-in is properly loaded, it will display a 'X' against the add-in name.7. That's it. You have successfully loaded the add-in. Now put it to use.

Note: If you are unable to load the add-in check your macro security setting.




1. Click on Insert | Web Page.

2. Enter the list of web page address that you wish to create.

3. Provide the additional info required.

4. LiveWeb will create slides with web browser controls embedded on the slides

5. Run the slide show.

6. The web pages will be displayed during the slide show and refreshed at real-time.




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