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AutoEvents Add-in  for PowerPoint 2000 and later


PowerPoint does not include any automatic macro support which are available in Excel & Word. The only ones available are Auto_Open & Auto_Close macros. However these fire automatically provided they are within an add-in. 

PowerPoint 2000 introduces application level events. Taking advantage of it, it's possible to create our own bunch of automatic macros which get fired. This add-in does just that. It executes the following macros, if present, in a presentation (Please note the declarations).

  • Sub Auto_Open() - Gets executed immediately after the presentation is opened.

  • Sub Auto_Close() - Gets executed prior to the presentation is closed.

  • Sub Auto_Print() - Gets executed prior to the presentation being printed.

  • Sub Auto_ShowBegin() - Gets executed when the show begins.

  • Sub Auto_ShowEnd() - Gets executed when the show ends.

  • Sub Auto_NextSlide(Index as Long) - Gets executed before the slideshow moves onto the next slide. Index represents the SlideIndex of the Slide about to be displayed.

Note 1: The automatic macros are executed regardless of the mode of operation - manual or thru automation. What it means is that whether you open a presentation manually or with Presentations.Open method, if it contains a Auto_Open macro, it will be executed.

Note 2: This add-in will fail under PowerPoint 97. 


All of the files available in this download are provided as-is, without any warranty or support. All use of this utility is at your own risk. The add-in has been tested with PowerPoint 2000 (with SR-1 & without SR-1) where appropriate. This does not guarantee that they will work on your machine. 

Licensing Policy:

This add-in is provided as FREEWARE. You may use and adapt this utilities for your own individual projects. It is NOT distributable. You CANNOT bundle it with other individual/commercial applications without the prior consent of the author. You may not include this utility in any shareware or freeware catalogues, books, articles or periodicals without the written permission of the author. If you have any comments about this page, or the files herein, please send an email to Shyam Pillai


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