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Detect MathZones in PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint 2010 Math Zones were introduced. A math zone is a text range within which math typography rules apply. The MathZones object was meant to be a way to detect such but sadly it's broken. It will always return 1 for any textbox with text. In 2013 it works correctly. So I had to come up with a hack to detect math zones. It works in almost all cases where you enter a proper equation. It relies on the fact that with math typography the texteffect property will return incorrect text to match against the value returned by the text range.

Supported versions: PowerPoint 2010+

' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
' Copyright ©1999-2018, Shyam Pillai, All Rights Reserved.
' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
' You are free to use this code within your own applications, add-ins,
' documents etc but you are expressly forbidden from selling or 
' otherwise distributing this source code without prior consent.
' This includes both posting free demo projects made from this
' code as well as reproducing the code in text or html format.
' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Function IsMathZoneIn2010(shp As Shape) As Boolean

If shp.HasTextFrame Then
	If shp.TextFrame2.HasText Then
		IsMathZoneIn2010 = shp.TextFrame2.TextRange.Text <> shp.TextEffect.Text
	End If
End If

End Function

Copyright 1999-2018 (c) Shyam Pillai. All rights reserved.